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Third Annual Kite Day is Coming

As requested, we are continuing Kite Day.  This year's day of flying will be held Sunday, April 14th at Paseo Highlands Park (35th Avenue and Pinnacle Peak).

As usual, we will supply kites and bottled water for everyone.  Just come and fly a kite and have some fun.

Oh, and one other thing... WISH FOR SOME WIND AND COOL WEATHER!

The Knights of Columbus have come through again.  Jill, Tom, Cory & Ben attended the Knights' monthly meeting on January 2, 2019 to give them a short update on our program and receive their annual donation from the proceeds of their annual Tootsie Roll fundraiser.

Without the St. Paul's Council of the Knights of Columbus we would not be able to continue in the same way we do.  Tom and I came up with the idea of Kite Day and the Knights ran with it.  They have donated kites and water.  They have come out to the park and helped the kids fly the kites.


We needed another game...

The Sunshine League's rematch with Ltd Skills on August 26th was unbelievable!  We came to play!  Our kids scored, and scored, and then scored again.  Final tally was 8-5 (per our own live scoreboard Cory).

This rematch had everything.  There was offense, defense and trash talking.  There were even a few passes made by Sunshine League players!

Ltd Skills were great opponents and had as much fun as we did.

... And we need another.  So...

We have already schedule Game 3.  It is set for Oct 7th at 1:30 PM.  Both teams are looking forward to the chance at showing their improvements once again and William is definitely looking forward to more trash talking.

Come out to play or just watch this great rivalry.  You've never seen anything like it! 

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