AZ Sunshine League, Inc.


AZ Sunshine League, Inc.

Our Tax ID number is 45-4320640.  We are a State of Arizona independent non-profit corporation and a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with the Internal Revenue Service. 

AZ Sunshine League, Inc. was started 16 years ago by the Oliver family to provide a place for children with special needs to play soccer and socialize with others.  The program has grown to include over 80 players and monetary and equipment donations have been received allowing us to offer additional activities that promote cooperation, hand-eye coordination, balance and flexibility.  We meet at least 40 weeks per year.

Our players have been diagnosed with ADHD, Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Downs Syndrome, developmental delays, visual and hearing impairments and other disabilities.  We try to adapt as necessary to include every child.  We continue to include children with walkers, braces and wheelchairs.   We have two players that has been with us since the beginning and several others players that have been participating for over 10 years. 

We allow the siblings of our participants to play.  We do not want our players to feel different.  We want to show them they can do anything.  Some of our players have joined other "traditional" youth soccer programs while others now have friends for the first time in their lives.

Parents are invited to join us on the field or they can sit on the sidelines and watch their children play and participate for an hour.  This is something they do not get to do very often.

Our only income is through donations. We have received donations from the Thunderbirds, the St. Paul and State Councils of the Knights of Columbus, the Arizona Sports Complex and other community organizations and businesses.  We provide all the equipment for our program.  We do not charge our participants.  We are here for the kids and their families.

The AZ Sunshine League, Inc. continues to grow and serve our community through the efforts of our volunteers and donations from the business community.  All donations go to further our program and help local children with special needs.

For additional information, please feel free to contact me at 602-670-5003 or [email protected].

Jill Oliver, Treasurer and Co-founder



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